Orthopaedic     Manipulative Massage Therapist


Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy

Advanced remedial therapy is a more targeted and specific set of techniques designed to treat acute pain and injuries and long term (chronic) conditions. There is a greater emphasis on assessment and targeted treatment which makes sessions more effective, timely and less expensive - fewer sessions are required when treating a specific problem.

 •   Neck pain


 •   Back ache


 •   Joint pain & restriction

 •   Repetitive strain injury


 •   Frozen shoulder


 •   Migraine/headaches

 •   Muscular aches & tension


 •   Carpal tunnel syndrome


 •   Sports & training injury

Wrist manipulation

Functional issues from soft tissue imbalances potentially lead to poor alignment in joint structures and could compromise blood supply to tissues and nerves. This can be caused by many factors not least sedentary occupations and lack of exercise, but they can also be caused by emotional stresses, illness, general fatigue and of course injury.