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Soft tissue shoulder massage

Sports Massage & Remedial Massage Therapy

Whether training for, competing, or just taking part for pleasure in any sporting activity, it's important to keep our bodies in good condition to prevent injury and enhance performance potential. Sports massage & remedial massage is a very useful addition to any training schedule. It is an important feature in any rehabilitation programme.


This Therapy employs a combination of Deep Tissue massage, stretching, mobilising and strengthening techniques helping to bring about a more flexible, strong and dynamic musculo-skeletal system able to withstand the demands of competition and training schedules.

Deep tissue manipulation

These techniques help improve the condition of muscles and joints:

  •   Reduce muscle strain and injury

  •   Restore to pre-injury status

  •   Improve range of motion of joints

  •   Improve structural alignment

  •   Enhance performance

  •   Create a feeling of wellbeing