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Originally London trained as a Physical Instructor in the 80's, I became increasingly aware of the impact massage had on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellbeing. I re-trained as a Sports & Remedial, Advanced Remedial and Orthopaedic & Manipulative Massage Therapist and practice in Aberdeen.

Orthapaedic & Manipulative Therapy

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Gail Selbie

Years of training and clinical experience have left me with a real understanding of the need to carefully listen to and discuss what you are experiencing, so a tailored session or sessions can be devised specifically for your needs. It’s surprising the impact massage can have on bodily awareness, it’s never too late to seek treatment and we are never too old.

'It is surprising the impact massage          

can have on bodily awareness'

After many years of practice I’m still inspired by the impact massage treatment has on us and how much relief can be gained. We are all unique in how we approach, think about and deal with life.  This is also very true of how we experience and deal with physical injury, pain and/or restriction in our bodies.

Treatment sessions may include a combination of Manipulative, Orthopaedic, Sports & Advanced Remedial techniques or just a wonderfully relaxing massage, depending on your requirements. My aim is to reduce or alleviate symptoms, restoring function and rehabilitate you as quickly as possible.


Maybe it’s just a small ‘niggle’ you are experiencing or a sudden onset of pain from picking something up and twisting or a longer term chronic condition but whatever you are experiencing it’s my job to find out exactly how it’s affecting you at that moment or has been affecting you over time.